Handfield Enterprises, Inc.


Handfield Enterprises, Inc. is a strategic communication agency that specializes in advanced multi-level influence campaigns, public relations, crisis management, online reputation management, media broadcasting, government relations, journalism, and search engine optimization. We’ve successfully accomplished everything from assisting large government agencies affected by a potential viral disaster to completely deleting erroneous and defamatory search results. Handfield Enterprises, Inc. provides award-winning solutions that are tailored to your individual circumstance and produce unequaled results that protect CEOs, business leaders, VIPs, and their organizations’ bottom lines. Handfield Enterprises, Inc. ensures that its customers’ identities are always safeguarded, regardless of the situation, and that they have the information they need to make wise, educated business decisions in today’s competitive business world.


Empowering change in the world for the better through game-changing innovations that builds stronger relationships between governments and their citizens. Between companies and their customers. Between people who want to make a difference.